Wedge Set Golf Clubs

A wedge set golf club typically has 3 types on their arsenal, the 52, 56, and 60, this denotes the angle of the wedge on the club. Be sure to have some on your set, depending on the course you are playing. But generally, these 3 combined is a life saver when in need.

52 deg are normally called a Gap Wedge. A gap wedged is used when a shot falls shorter or higher than what you would normally hit with a pitching wedge, but you are not in the need of loft for sand wedges. The 56 degree wedge is part of the wedge set golf clubs that are normally called sand wedges. These part of the wedge set golf clubs are used in the bunkers, when you are in trouble of sand. The lob wedge, or the 60 degree wedge, is the last of the wedge set golf clubs that has specific purpose. The high angle of this golf club would help you get great loft and get past high obstacles, without circling through them. These are your typical wedge set golf clubs that you need to take attention to from these types of purpose.

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