Golf Club Irons

Traditionally, golf clubs where split from woods and golf club irons. Both have specific purpose and is usually the golf club irons are used specifically for tight situations. Golf club irons are distinct for its look of a flat wedge shaped face with different angles and are typically grooved. Usually have a smaller head and a shorter shaft.

Golf club irons are purposed to propel the ball towards the hole. And are usually made from iron or steel. A set of golf clubs usually have around 7-11 golf club irons. Golf club irons normally are wedged at an angle for precision and different types of golf club irons are now typically designated with numbers 1-10. Golf club irons are designated as follows; #1 - driving irons, #2-4 - Long Irons, #5-7 Mid-Irons,and, #8-9-short Irons.

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