Chipper Golf Clubs

Often referred by professional golfers as beginner’s wedge, chipper golf clubs come in handy for people who are not too confident yet with their wedges. Lots of people where asking if chipper golf clubs are legal to use in tournaments, and in fact, they are! As long as the do not fitted with putter grip, or not a two-sided chipper.

What are these chipper golf clubs anyway, and why are they being used especially by beginners or handicappers? Chipper golf clubs are essentially putters that have about a 37 degree club face loft, instead of the standard 4 degrees of club face loft.

The shaft of chipper golf clubs are typically 36 inches long, which is a few inches longer than a putter, while the face are offset to help you keep your hands in front of the ball.Chipper golf clubs are designed to be used as substitute for wedges when around the greens, and is perfect for bump and runs due to its forgiving wide sole and high loft.You’ll rarely ever find the leading edge of the chipper digging into the turf.

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