Recycled Golf Balls

Recycled golf balls are, in common terms, well, recycled balls. These are golf balls that have been used, sometimes, with minor to no visual damage, that are already used for playing golf. Recycled golf balls have different categories, or class, depending on their quality when found. Some have no visual damage whatsoever. Others have slight discoloration, others have minor scratches as well. But are typically performing the same as regular brand new golf balls.

These recycled golf balls are different from refinished ones. The refinished ones are these golf balls that have significantly more damaged, and are required to be restored and re-painted in order to function again as it should.

The good thing about these recycled golf balls is that, they are significantly cheaper, and at the same time, function the same as brand new ones. If you want to get recycled golf balls dirt cheap, check our awesome deals at right now.

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