Women's Golf Vests

Golf is one of the most popular individual sport in the world. A recent study revealed that golf landed in the number 10 spot in the top 10 most popular sports all over the world, with an estimate of 390 million followers or fans from all over the world. Despite this overwhelming popularity, golf is still considered to be in the shadows for the general public and is not accessible due to the technicalities that the sport demands.

That may be true, considering that the littlest details, such as golf sportswear and especially women’s golf vests could have a major affect in how a golfer plays. These are the most important factors that the best women’s golf vests should possess and you should be meticulous of:

-Polyester & Spandex Fabric Combination – The best women’s golf vests are comfortable to wear, and two of the best and high-quality fabrics that make up the most comfortable women’s golf vests are polyester and spandex. Women’s golf vests that have the combination of 95% polyester and 5% spandex are often the best-sellers, and are considered the most highly in-demand. Keep this in mind when you shop for women’s golf vests.

-Zipper closure – The best women’s golf vests have the feature of a zipper closure, since women’s golf vests should naturally be thicker than jackets and zippers would make the fit better, and much more comfortable.

-Windproof & Adjustable – Women’s golf vests are considered to be the outermost layer of protection of the golfer, so it’s important for it to be windproof, adjustable, and resilient to any weather changes since golf is an outdoor sport.

-Breathable & Allows Mobility – The best women’s golf vests still have enough room and have a design that allows the golfers to breathe and move about freely. Women’s golf vests are naturally designed to have thicker layers, so it’s still important these women’s golf vests are still comfortable to wear and allows enough movement.

-Ultra-light & Easy to Pack – The best women’s golf vests should still be designed to be light, travel-friendly, and easy to pack in golf bags despite its large and thick layers. The best women’s golf vests have already adjusted to this design, and only selected women’s golf vests have it modified this way.

-Ultraviolet Protection Factor – This feature is a unique feature in women’s golf vests, because regular women’s golf vests do not require UPF in their designs because other golf sportswear already possess this feature. However, there are other brands that already incorporate UPF 50 in the designs of their women’s golf vests.

If you’re looking for more options of women’s golf vests, and look to browse for more designs and styles of women’s golf vests, visit 12golf.com to have access to an array of affordable and stylish women’s golf vests and more!

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