Women's Golf Shorts

Golf is one of the most popular individual sport all over the world. A survey revealed that it landed on the top 10 most popular sports all over the world, and is only the individual sport to sneak into the 10th spot with an estimated number of 390 million followers or fans all over the world. This is no surprise considering that golf is widely popular in the biggest countries in the world such as Europe, UK, and the United States.

However, despite this overwhelming feat, golf still seems to be in the shadows of mainstream. One reason that could attest to the failure of such a huge sport to slither its way to the mainstream is its seemingly complicated set of rules. And another stereotype is the requirement that you have to possess prior knowledge before playing because of the technicality the sport demands.

That part may have a half-truth to it, since there are many factors that could affect a golfer’s gameplay, and that boils down to the littlest details like sportswear, especially women’s golf shorts. Here’s all you need to know about selecting the best quality of women’s golf shorts:

-Sun Protection – Since golf is an outdoor sport, most women’s golf shorts must possess advanced technology such as UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) that would absorb the sun’s rays, and only a few amount would touch your skin for protection. Only selected women’s golf shorts possess this type of feature, and they could well be categorized as the best women’s golf shorts.

-Water Repellent & Durable – The best women’s golf shorts also must possess fabric that are water repellent, stretchable, and durable. After all, women’s golf shorts will absorb most of the sweat and moisture from the golfer’s body. Make sure that your choices in women’s golf shorts possess this important factor.

-Button Closure – Another feature that the best women’s golf shorts possess is to have a button closure. This feature in women’s golf shorts do not only show a sense of elegant style but it also for the fitting purposes for every body type. It’s an innovative design for women’s golf shorts.

-Cargo Pockets – Women’s golf shorts should possess pockets because of how long golf games are. It’s important for women’s golf shorts to have that extra compartment to be ready.

-Adjustable Features – The best women’s golf shorts have adjustable features, particularly the waistband that are usually elastic with belt loops for adjusting the fit. Women’s golf shorts also have adjustable fly with an inseam length of 5 to 7 inches.

-Nylon & Spandex – Of course, the best women’s golf shorts are made out of the best, softest, and comfortable materials. Women’s golf shorts would often have nylon and spandex as the most effective combination.

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