Women's Golf Shirts

The one good thing about golf is that it is one of the few highly-regarded individual sports that could be enjoyed by people from all-ages and every category for men, women, kids, and more. Golf is surveyed to be the 10th most popular sport in the world, and is the only individual sport to land in the top 10.

Despite golf’s popularity, however, there are still many people who are wary of trying golf especially with zero knowledge. After all, golf does give a lot of impression that it is the type of sport that requires prior knowledge or background, and in a way shows that only a few people could have access to. But those are statements that are merely stereotypes. One factual thing about golf though, is that it a very technical and tactical sport.

There are many important factors that could affect a golfer’s gameplay, and this includes comfort in the surroundings, golf equipment, gears, items, and even sportswear. Golfers are very meticulous in choosing sportswear, especially for women’s golf shirts. Here are the top criteria made for the best women’s golf shirts and what you need to consider when shopping for women’s golf shirts:

-Fabric Comfort & Being Stretchable – the best women’s golf shirts often have polyester as their material, and quality fabrics are always considered the top priority for women’s golf shirts. Some of the best women’s golf shirts have 100% polyester in their materials.

-Drifter Feature & Sweat-Wicking – There are a variety of women’s golf shirts, each designs varying for different brands of women’s golf shirts. However, unique features such as moisture absorbent and sweat-wicking are not always present for typical women’s golf shirts. This exclusive feature in women’s golf shirts are labeled as drifter specifically designed for moisture to avoid stickiness in designs for women’s golf shirts.

-Air Flux Feature – Quality women’s golf shirts have this feature available, and limited designs only certain brands of women’s golf shirts. This feature in women’s golf shirts allow breathability, and enough room and fit for the golfer without being too tight that could lead to discomfort. This means that women’s golf shirts with these feature have enough spaces in the shirts to allow enough room for ventilation to cool the player down under the scorching heat of the sun.

-Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) – this is another exclusive feature for certain women’s golf shirts, and only the best brands of women’s golf shirts have this design available. This means that depending on the percentage indicated, these women’s golf shirts with these design absorb UV rays to lessen the penetration to your skin directly. If you have the budget for shopping for the best women’s golf shirts, these feature might be a good criteria for your check list of the best women’s golf shirts for longer protection.

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