Men's Golf Vests

For regular folks, golf seems like a sport only for the elite and only those who has a background in golf or have a history relating to how to play it could enjoy it. There is somehow some truth to it, but golf is a sport that requires a lot of technicality. This include the factors affecting a golfer’s skill and gameplay, such as the weather and their comfort in their golf equipment and sportswear.

Which is why choosing the best men’s golf vests play a crucial role every time a golfer plays. Men’s golf vests are often taken for granted or looked over by golfers or spectators and just treat them as merely that: men’s golf vests. However, putting extra effort into looking for the best men’s golf vests prove to have vital positive effects on the comfort of a golfer. The following are the basic criteria needed when looking for men’s golf vests, and what features comprise the best men’s golf vests:

-Soft & High-Quality materials - The most common materials made for men’s golf vests, and could be qualified as one of the best men’s golf vests, is polyester and spandex. The most effective combination for the best, quality men’s golf vests is 95% polyester and spandex.

-Zipper Closure – Of course an important factor for the best men’s golf vests is zipper closure. Men’s golf vests are generally thicker than men’s golf jackets to serve a deeper purpose of comfort and warmth, however, they may be heavier and difficult to carry. That’s why zipper closure is important for men’s golf vests.

-Windproof – another important feature for men’s golf vests is the feature of being windproof. A layer of men’s golf vests should be able to withstand strong winds, and has a design that has a chin guard for double the protection.

-Easy and Comfortable Mobility – Since men’s golf vests are generally thicker and heavier, this doesn’t mean that high-quality ones should restrict you from being able to move freely. Otherwise this would affect how you play the entire game, and the men’s golf vests being too difficult to move around in could result in immediate discomfort. Make sure the men’s golf vests are breathable.

-Versatile & Resistant – Men’s golf vests should be resistant and available for other types such as traveling, hiking, running, and especially playing golf. Make sure to keep this in mind when looking for the best men’s golf vests.

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